Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malaysian Soft Skills Scale

The other day, a link was posted in UKM Year 4 group regarding Malaysian Soft Skills Scale. Apparently all final year students were asked to answer the survey by Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi KPT. I was bored so I clicked the link. I did not know anything about Malaysian soft skills.haha premons k??hahah

OMG, There were about 200 questions to be answered. But I answered honestly since I was curious about the application. After almost 15 minutes, I got my result.

Finally...Only one did not achieve the target:

KK - Kemahiran Keusahawanan...

No wonder la my spirit to do business is like tide at the ocean.haha

Anyhoo, this application is to find out all your soft skills i.e. communication etc, the strength and weaknesses. Nasib only one je yang tak cukup syarat.hhuhu


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