Thursday, November 5, 2015


Sooooooo in Adele's mood right now. Hahahaha

I miss this space but life is so busy right now. How are you peeps?

As usual I need to ramble. I just hate talking about this but I need to let it out...maybe once and for all...maybe.hehe

I was reading a famous blogger's post including the comments section. This blogger talked about her breastfeeding journey from Baby 1 till no 2. She was comparing both experiences where with no 1 it was breezy but no 2 she stopped early due to personal problems (which she mentioned in the post).

There's one visitor who left a comment talking about the benefits of mommy's milk et cetera et cetera which I believe the blogger already knew coz  she did well with Baby 1.  I think this visitor is rude to comment like that the fact that it was clearly mentioned the blogger had stopped the process months ago. What's your point actually?

Whatever parenting style you choose has nothing to do with other parents. Why do you have to snoop around everyone's life and shove all your parenting philosophy down their throat? These kinds of parents used to make my life so miserable at one point I hate myself for not able to achieve the standard of this holy parenting.

I wasn't able to breastfeed my baby which I admit due to my lack of experience as a young mother who was struggling with c-sec pain and a husband across the sea with a new baby who didn't know how to latch. I was so confused and tired. Thank God my depression level was Under control or post partum depression could be the end.

I struggled for a year pumping milk every two to three hours, cried almost everyday, I was in paiin and I was angry all the time. Ask my husband he knows.hahahahaahah one day I stopped. I unfollow many parents liddis on Facebook, blogs and left most motherhood groups. I keep a few and only share with the people around me whom I know won't judge. These people have different parenting style than me but never once I felt less worthy of being a parent.

Wait...this isn't the point. Apology.hahah my point is... Be respectful can you? Cheer each other because we are mothers. We want the best for our kids. I want the best for my kids.

Vaccine vs sunnah food, stroller vs baby wearing, breastmilk vs formula, walker vs crawling, gadget vs physical toys, English language vs mother tongue, and many other aspects of parenting style,

For the love of God, humanity and sane parents, stop with all the bashing. And pleaseeeee don't objectively put the reason on a single thing. Eh paham ke tak ni? Examples:

- My 2year old can spell 'supercalifragialisticexpialidoscious' coz I exclusively breastfeed him

- shukurrrrrrrrrr anak aku seploh bulan xpenah sakit sebab bagi makanan sunnah je xde vaccine ponn

- eiii anak ko kena rotavirus ke mesti tak vaccine ni'

Examples la based on my own experience having to face these kind of 'outstanding' parents.

Anak kita  kecik lagi, panjang lagi perjalanan jadi jangan riak.Takut ko kecikkan hati orang tuhan bayar cash anak kita yang kena.

Paham tak aku membebel ni?


Unknown said...

when Ecah down with fever, paling byk soalan ku dpt "bukan ka anak kau breastfeed, mcm nei boleh demam?"




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