Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yesterday I went outing with MOm,lil bro and Minmin.before we headed home, we stopped for awhile at Mitc Mosque for Asar.

Just a moment before we left the mosque, a man approached my bro asking for something. My bro came to me and asked whether I brought extra diapers for Minmin. Apparently the man was asking whether we could buy from us.

Went to the car,grabbed 2 diapers from Min's bag and gave it to the man. He said they (he & the wife) accidentally left it at home. Their baby is not feeling well.

A few months ago, i was with B at Giant Mahkota Parade. B was at the cashier when I noticed a couple with with a baby in front of B.the baby was crying. Before we left to the parking lot, we bumped into the couple again at a bakery.the baby was still screaming and the mom tried to sooth him. The father was in the bakery holding an empty feeding bottle. I told B that they might be looking for hot water for the milk.

So B approached the husband who looked stunned and offered some hot water. The panic-looking father was relieved. He was indeed looking for hot water. We watched them pouring the hot water,opening the box containing the milk they had just bought and finally fed the baby. As a mom, i couldnt help but gave out a huge sigh of relief watching the baby quietly sucking the bottle. We then left after exchanging few words. God knows what happen to them till they have no milk to feed the baby.

Dont get me wrong. I'm not judging the 2 scenarios mentioned above. As a young parent to a toddler,things happened even with careful preparation. B once forgot to bring EBM when he came to fetch me from school with Minmin. And last month i brought all Min's necessities for outing BUT forgot his feeding bottle. Things happen.

That's why I usually shut off people who are quick to judge other parents. Some more they share the 'weaknesses' on Facebook and what even sadder strangers who dont even know join the party to condemn these 'weak,bad' parents. You,of all people in the world should understand the hiccups we as parents sometimes have to face. Dont be so quick to judge and worst share it on facebook. Are you waiting for tables to be turned at you?

I have to admit before i had a baby i did judge certain parents whom I saw left their baby rolling on the floor screaming or let their child running around the restaurant or let the child wore dirty shirts and not changing into a clean one. I judged. But things hv channged now that the tables might be on my side now.

There were times when Minmin refused to sit in his stroller so we just went around with him screaming while people looking or he eefused to sit still at a restaurant and started throwing everything on the floor or changed his shirts a few times in a day but still he crashed biscuits on his newly changed shirts.

Those were just tiny examples. Let's not go into breastmilk vs formula milk, pro-vaccine vs cons, to babywearing or not, co-sleep or not, organic food or not and the lists go on.

Well just a random thought. I am sad with a status of Facebook judging other parents. I hope this person will stop because parents should support parents. No one else outside this circle will understand the things we face other than us.

Have a great week ahead peeps!


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