Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post exclusive pumping

Just like when i started my journey as a pumper, i received many comments about my decision to stop pumping.

"Eh anak kau baru setaun kan? Kan afdholl sampai dua tahun?"

"Laa..susu ada lagi kan? Sayang nya nak berhenti...."

"Kalau ikut sunnah ko kena bagi susu anak sampai 2 taun bla bla bla..."

Those who has been with me through out the journey's responses...

"Takpela ..ko dah bersusah oayah buat yg terbaik selama ni.ok dah tu"

"Respek ngan ko.sebab EP mom ni m
mg susah.aku yg blh direct feeding ni pon bila nak pam buat stock hazabbbbedah rasa"

Well mix reactions I wud say. Though it hurts my feeling when people condemns it doesnt stop me of my decision. It is damn hurtful,as if I stop loving my baby by doing so.

Well again,there's a silver lining behind every dark cloud. A few days after I made my decision, i was down with coughing. A couple of nights ago a bad cough followed by asthma attack left me almost breathless and weak. Yesterday i went to see the doc again.

And this time i was prescribed with a higher dose of medication because the last dose has stopped working. The doctor said i cannot feed my baby the milk but to dump's in her record that i breastfeed. Hee

I feel relieved. Hadnt i decided earlier i would have problem introducing formula to him. Alhamdulillah. Indeed what ever it is, this thing was written by the Almighty for me.

I just want to be healthy again so that Minmin can enjoy having a mom who is healthy physically and mentally. It sucks to be sick when you have to take care of a baby and the husband is thousands miles  away and there's no Doraemon pintu suka hati.

I just want to be me, again.


Anonymous said...

You know what? I b-fed Aisyah till she was 4 or more. Punnn orang cakap jugak. "Susah nak pisahkan nanti dah besar susah." So? Doesn't make me less of a mother.

No one has the right to judge us, melainkan anak tu sendiri.

So chin up, haters gonna hate (cewahhh). Lantak depa laaa. Yang penting kita happy so anak happy, somi pun happy (sebab tak payah share) hahahaha - Kak GG

nurul razak said...

Aiii always love your comments kak gg!hahahaha last sentence...i cant.hahahha

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