Sunday, February 22, 2015

Implanon: The Testimonial

I had my C-Sec on 24 August 2013 i.e. Minmin's birthday. hehehehhe

A day before I left the hospital after 3days2night there, my doctor asked which contraception method I would use. Reasons I needed it:

1. They cut my belly open coz Minmin was too big and lazy and refused to come out (hahahahah...ok mommy kidding)

2. My blood reading i.e. HB was not pretty through out my pregnancy so I need at least a couple of years to stabilize it (got it from my momma)

3. I was still traumatized with the pain when the doctor threw this question. So any method to stop another baby coming was welcomed. (at that time only)

So... after discussion with le hub, I decided to go for Implanon. Why? Less hassle. And one thing, it doesnt disturb milk production, which is the main advantage that drew my attention. I did a little research for the cost, side effects, where to get, how to get basically everything and got the minor surgery (cheh!) a week after confinement ended.

A lil bit of details for interested parties out there:

1. Where? : I got it done at one of LPPKN Clinics in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Had to set the appointment first coz they dont do it everyday. Certified doctor did the insertion for me. Took less than 5 minutes. Left hand numb the whole day. hew hew...

2.  Cost: RM320 in 2013. Heard the price has gone up this year. The cheapest I could find. Private clinics charge more.

3. The procedure: Inject anesthetic, then insert that thanggg. The size is as big as a match stick.

4. Expired after 3 years.

5. The side effects: There are many. But am gonna tell the effects that I kena ok.
  • irregular period. Started coming after Minmin was 8months old (delay could be due to BF). BUTTTTTTTTTTTT the length of the cycle drove me crazy. Each cycle lasted for a couple of months. Every timeeeee! Not heavy flow, more like spotting but still... rimas mak ok!
  • Acne on the face. erghhhh...
  • Weight gain. Erm... actually not sure whether this is the side effect but i need something to blame.hahaha I started eating healthy and going to gym but no changes. except lost 1kg. so really guys, i need to blame this implanon.
  • Not pregnant. hahahahahaha

Image googled. Pretty much how it looked in my left arm. That's not my arm. Haram ok tunjuk aurat. hehe

You'll be given this card to keep...... In case you forget you have something in your arm that has an expiry date. hahaha

So, due to the first side effect, I decided to remove this susuk last week. I really cannot tahan with the long menses period. So I took it out at a private clinic. If you are from Melaka and intend to remove yours, can go to KLINIK MAIZA, Cheng. Charged only RM40. Less than 5 minutes all's done! But of course, need to make appointment first ok.

So, that's my honest testimonial about implanon. Not much but honest. cewah!

Hope this post helps you in any way it can.

Have A Nice Day.

p/s pardon all the grammar error. Not feeling like a teacher tonight. Feeling like me.




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