Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April is Caesarean Awareness Month

It's a public holiday in Malacca today. Had more free time to waste on Facebook hahahah. Then I found one article about Caesarean Awareness. And apparently, April is the month !!!

You can read the article, here

Reading the article definitely brought back the memories when I had mine. Starting from the moment Dr. Ishaireen told me that I would need the surgery till I got home from the hospital. And also, my eyes somehow swell with tears because I feel so appreciated with the words used.

Maybe because, I did hear some moms who could use their own body to pop their baby (vaginal birth) said moms who didn't (csection ) weren't real moms coz we didn't feel the pain bla bla bla bla. I was deeply offended at that time. Hahaha hormonal I guess.

Taken from the article:

Being prepped for a c-section is not a walk through the park. Many times, a mothers partner is not allowed in the OR until after the epidural has been administered and everyone has taken their place.” This means that while doctors and nurses move about, readying the operating room for delivery (maybe talking about their lunch or what movie they saw over the weekend) a strong pregnant mama sits on a cold operating table considering what lies before her - often scared and often feeling very alone. 

This part made me sniffed a lil bit because I spent the final 14hours before the procedure, alone. Hubby was still in Bintulu at that time. Didn't get to eat Mac n Cheese I planned to eat after the appointment. And saw my hubby for barely 5mins after 2weeks not seeing him before I was pushed to the OP theatre. Ok first time having a baby, those matter!! Hahaha

20months after the procedure, I still can't do sit-up. I still can't get up from lying down without having to turn to the side first. I still can't do squat with any heavy weight. The area will strain and eventually cause me pain. Other than that, I can longer sneeze loudly.hahahahaha well, good for a change right?

Healing process differs. That's all I'm saying.hehe

One quote I found from Internet that was a spot on:

Think about a woman who is being told she is not permitted to use her own body to give birth. Not because she can't, she is not allowed"

A C-Sec definitely wasn't my birth plan. But the condition didn't permit to have a normal delivery. A friend asked why didn't I try to be induced first. Well, it's my instinct that drove me. Minmin was big, womb fluid was depleting and he hadn't engaged. So I decided on my own after the doc professional advice to go for csection.

So, here to all mothers who were brave and strong to endure the procedure going under the knives and be cut open to bring a new life to the world!




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