Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday me!

my birthday was celebrated quitely with closed friends and family. Thanks for all the wishes. =) Frankly, i felt a bit weird celebrating birthday at the age of 23. rasa tua..haha

enjoy the pics!

hahahahahaa muka tak bole blah

belanja-ed by Miss Ikha housemate..thee hee

A suprised pressie from Mr S since my previous phone decided to end its service after 2 years..hee henpon murah but meaningful hokay

  1. went for a movie: Shrek Final Chapter with Laici and Ikha
  2. a slice of Chocolate Indulgence from Miss Ikha
  3. thousands of wishes through phone and FB - thanks everyone..i'm one lucky girl =)
  4. i've got two chocolate indulgence cake..kau ada??bought by my mom and my sisters..hee same cake makaseh..
  5. my dad wished me Happy Begedil..very cute.hee
  6. at 23, i got a birthday celebration from my family. happy but really realy rasa tua.
  7. 3G call with adam..happy
  8. Handphone gift from Mr. S when my previous phone broke down. Thank you!
  9. a book as a present too..written by Mitch Albom - my favourite writer.
i am blesses and feeling grateful to all the love given by God. Alhamdulillah. hopefully more to come. 

that's all.simple but not at all lame. happy day everyone!


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