Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random thoughts

i've been feeling lazy to update my blog since the beginning of my teaching practice. i did just for the sake of my Nuffnang account which has less visitors day by day. well, who cares. writing is tiring.

i used to simply plonk everything i feel on my i need to think about what i should write because this rubbish stuff i wrote will be read by friends and family. so makin malas la nak tulis. my random thoughts. if you really got nothing to do, continue reading.if yes, close this window as the world need your attention more than my blog. =)

  • i need money for flight ticket. i want to meet him. it has been 8 months.
  • i need a new mobile phone. my current one has meragam. aiyoo
  • even if you were born in australia, i dont hear you speak in australian accents, only fake-trying-so-hard-to-sound-American accent. weird huh?
  • cant wait for holidays to come. been planning 24 lesson plans for 3 weeks left for practicum after the school break. i know - over semangat.miahahaha
  • i still have the feeling to get in a fight with students. why oh why? i am their teacher. i should be rational but i prefer rolling up my baju kurung sleeve and get in mouth fight. ape punya cikgu aku ni?
  • wondering when am i going to be obserbed. my mentor and supervisor said after the holidays. am i nervous?not at the moment. maybe on that day.

oh another one..have to relief 1G class i wanna be the bad teacher or the good teacher?


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