Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i am gonna get observed tomorrow

well, the time has come. Tomorrow marks the history in my calendar that i will be observed by my mentor in the class. i dont know her expectations but she's a good one. You dont mess with her.

i am planning a very simple lesson as i remembered my mum said teach the simplest thing.So i decided to do reading lesson and incorporate other skills such as grammar and writing. I know when you think of a reading lesson, it;s just reading and asnwering comprehension question. Nah..i dont really like that kind of lesson. The students will end up copying their friends' answers

So what i'm gonna do is the students need to arrange furniture in a bedroom based on the descriptions given. Still reading right? and if the students manage to arrange them correctly, there you go the comprehension part. Unorthodox but serves the same purpose which is to check the students' understanding of a text.

ok i dont know why i mumble all that here. guess i am just nervous. and i have no idea when my lecturer will come. i hate surprise visit!


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