Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Student old not nutritious and not tasty sir'

 honestly, i dont have anything to blog everyday anymore. or more like i am just a lazy bum..oh life is lame.period.

i am pretty much indulging myself with my students' nonsensical essays. have to finish marking it before Kedah trip since my mum said bringing it over there would fill up the car space.haish..i have half more to read. honestly, i got major headache reading the words. i dont know how the students came up with the ideas when they wrote the sentences but to me they arent readable at all. e.g.:

'Student old not nutritious and not tasty sir'

i'll give 5 bucks if any of you can translate that to me..the task was to write a report to the school principal regarding the dirty canteen.hee if this in anyway help you to translate the sentence.

Many of my friends will end their single life this holiday. Congratulations to all. and many more to come at the end of this nahh~~~~

p/s please stop asking when i'll get married. =)


Hapiz Rahman said...

hehehe... xdapat nk di translate da.. :)

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