Tuesday, June 29, 2010


been so lazy and caught up with works lately. here the quickies!

  • the observation by my mentor went well. the activity was the bomb and she enjoyed it very much. the comments mostly were fine except i need to control the students' excitement. 40 form 1 students in a large class, what do you expect?imagine your baby brother or sister when they were 13. and now times 40.what did you get? =)

  • Dr Radzani came yesterday to observe.it was a surprise visit.! i felt like hanging myself on the fan or ran all the way back to Lendu. i had no teaching aids, not mentally prepared, it was the last period of the day and it was my 4G class!! i conducted well ( i guess) despite all the challenges. but the lesson was a bore and i could see it from the students' face. Partly because they could not understand English. I conducted the lesson with mixed English. i have 5 learner disabled in the class. Overall, the discipline was ok but i could not show my skill due to the students proficiency level.
  • Dr Radzani is coming to observe again today. at 12pm sharp! it's going to be my Form 1 A class which is a good class. so happy!

  • basically, there are 7 days left for teaching if you minus the last Friday next week and Thursday next week. On Thursday, there'll be a meeting between teachers and parents so obviously no teaching required. damn cun!
you know the feeling when you do things impromptu? just go for it? i love that kind of feeling when dr radzani came yesterday. i didnt have time to feel the adrenaline, nervousness as he came 5 minutes before i went to class. but today, the waiting period before getting obeserved is killing me. oh kill me now!

i'm gonna play tongue twister with the kids today. basically no teaching as i'm focusing on the reading skill of the kids.no need to teach so complicated one. that's what my mum said.haha

hopefully i can control the class.Pray for me. bye!


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