Sunday, May 30, 2010

i've got huge eyebags Y__Y

On Thursday, i helped the Pengakap team to set up their camp on the school field. this camping was organized in line with the school 50 years celebration.honestly, i have zero knowledge bout camping. never join any.haha the students asked so many questions like:

"Cikgu, kayu ni nak buat simpulan manok ke kayu balak?"
" buat simpulan kayu rambutan pun saya tak kisah janji kukuh"..haha lame nye aku..and oso malu dengan kejahilan sendiri..

eh eh..lari dari that night all the not married teachers have to sleep at the eyes started getting so itchy around the eyes area.we slept in the counselling room till morning. i got up at 5.30 and Ikha said: Eh Nurul bengkak gila mata kau! so..i got swollen eyes again like before. but this time not exactly like the one i got from pain killer pills. bengkak sikit je.

so yesterday i went to Jasin District Hospital for check up.The Dr couldnt find the answer as my urine test was he gave me a one day MC.hehe seronot seronot because i dont have to go to school on Saturday and stand under the hot blazing sun.miahaha but i missed the camwhoring fun with all the other girls..haish..

This was taken about 2 years ago...due to the allegic to the pain killer pills.

this was taken last night.the swollen has subsided a bit but can see the red stretch at the corner of both sides.and they're damn itchy! ignore the humongous red bump on the my nose!

my eyes are similar to this panda from far..Y___Y the biggest eyebags one could imagine...

ok that's all. tomorrow's a school holiday.cuti housemates and i are going to conquer eyes should be okay by tomorrow ! cant wait =))


nuRuLain_zAiNi said...

hohoho..bengkak giler

mael said...

mata nok besar ya kdk ada 2 mulut bah. cmpur mulut ko yg asal so kdk ada 3 mulut d 1 pmukaan.

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