Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it's getting better

Today was much far..i entered 4G class just now. we were just discussing about qwertyuiop - the short story. the problem with this class is their proficiency level in English is very low. Some of them couldnt even read in BM what more English. i explained bout the short stories like story-telling session and they seemed interested because they made less noise la..hehehe

Honestly, for the past few days i was really not in spirit. i felt lazy to enter the classroom. i feel each day more and more students hate me although i didnt scold them. i just tegur soh senyap je..i think i was being too sensitive la..yesterday i entered Form 1 class. i totally ignored the students unless when they were making too much noise. Overall, i just did some discussion and let them do what ever they want. aku memang menyampah gile ngan budak-budak sampai malas nak tengok muka..i was really down and felt demotivated to do anything.

BUt this morning, i woke up early (well i wake up at 5.30 every morning ..hehe). i prayed really hard like i never prayed before. i love teaching. i love the adrenaline rush. i love when students can answer my questions after i taught certain topic.i just need motivation. and guidance. So just now, for the 1st time after so many classses, i enjoyed standing in front of the classroom. the students started listening to my orders.i was glad. and now i literally wanna jump like crazy aand shout.hee

but i still have Form 1 class to enter this afternoon. Just hope everything will be okay. *pray hard*

oh i am really bored in the staff room +))


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