Monday, May 10, 2010

dowan go back to jasin

ohh...why am i feeling like this? will go back to Jasin after Asar which i abhor so much. hey..gimme some times ok. yeah truth is i hate that school. but i know towards the end i will love it that will make it so hard to bid farewell. i am still learning to adapt with the environment: teachers, students and the school.

one thing i am looking forward to in Jasin in my housemates. Kak Sha, Kak Mazni, Ila and Ikha. although we just met and lived together for a week, we clicked instantly.we talked our feelings, share thoughts, ideas for teaching and eat together. we teach different subjects: history, Pend. Islam and english but the approach to students are still the same.

for the weekend, i spent most of my free time sleeping. I dunno why but i felt tired and restless.the more i think about the students, especially form 1, the more i want to just close my eyes and hello lala land.haish..i know i have no motivation left.  my parents have been my biggest motivator machine. since they are teachers, they said it's normal la for new or novice teachers to be like this.once i get to know the students, i will love them. will i?erghh..

it's 4.00 pm and in half an hour, i'll be heading to Jasin. arhgggg............dowan dowan dowan


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