Tuesday, May 11, 2010

there are many types of teachers

been in this school for 7 days, i have met many types of teachers. The negative one, the pessimist, the happy-go-lucky, the quite, the friendly, the strict. oh many many of them.

However, i couldnt tahan with this one type: allergic to practical teachers.

yes, we all realise that we are the novice, temporary, prone-to-mistakes and also the moneyless groups of teachers. But we are willing to learn, full of spirit and never stingy.

You do not have to tell the whole school that we the practical teachers only gave you rm5 for teacher's day. C'mon la..by right we dont have to pay to buy our own gifts. it's deeply pathetic when teachers have to 'donate' some money to school in order to buy grand presents for teachers. Pathetic tau tak!

During the meeting, some teachers said that we dont have to pay any since we are not working yet. but with your big mouth you want us to give 'sumbangan ikhlas' meaning any amount that we are willing to pay. But when you only get RM40 from 8 of us, you carry your big mouth around the school parading our doings. What the hell? kalau nak duit banyak, cakap la depan2. bangang!

the saddest part is the ambition of the school to have a grand celebration when the truth is the school dont have money. Sanggup minta sumbangan murid2 untuk hari guru. ish ish..kesian betul.

If we dont have that much money, celebrate averagely sudah. Makan-makan. if you think that the gifts is deathly necessary, just buy the cheap one. who cares right? ape korang beli keta vios sorang satu ke untuk cikgu2? pathetic gile..

but, what ever you say, we are still the unwanted group. although we give free services to the school, using our own money for teaching aids which i never see any permanent teachers carry to teach, nodding our heads like burung belatuk to all orders, we'll still be here no matter how much you abhor us.

thank you.

p/s guru yang dimaksudkan diatas ialah seorang wanita terperangkap dalam badan lelaki. Sekian makseh!


QieYaH said...

ok.. ya nanggg pathetic abis. kmk pun sik faham .gila segila2 nya.. sabar owh.

Alex said...

Aku faham jee.. Sekolah Steve kata exchange gifts among teachers..and the gifts musn't be worth less than rm50.. and as for us here, we di"jemput" untuk bertanding in bowling, and have to bayar rm15... :(... Dah la mek orang have other issues... Oh well.. life.. :D

nurul razak said...

aku sik kesah kenak bayr ya..paham ku..tp cikgu ya ngembak crita pasal kmk org mcam jaik gilak eh..pelik na..

Anonymous said...

ok i know that techas.. haha. menyampah oso i denga

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