Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day Nurul!!

Life aint easy. But if you do good, some how when Karma works, you'll be getting what you deserve. cewah..gitu kan pembukaan cerita.hehe I wanna story mory about my school teacher's day celebration.

Early in the morning, we gathered at the assembly point for morning assembly la. after too much bla blas, it's time for us the practical teachers to perform. Since the short time given, we decided to perform a poem recital, written by one of us, Arif.
but the performance was spoilt by the bad PA system. the song stopped playing in the middle of the recital. i myself forgot some lines so i just made up. i dont think anyone notice pon..haha the reviews from other teachers were ok. they said we could do much better. ya lor..so short the time you guys gave. initially,we planned to perform a dance by Wonder Girls tu. but since there were an ustaz and an ustazah in the group, we cancelled though they didnt mind.haha sempoi btol ustat2 nih..

then after that, it was time for physical stuffs. Zulaikha and i decided to go for aerobic instead of playing Bola Jaring. so we swayed, shook and danced the routine. of course poco-poco was the main theme.i sweated like a pig.miaaha...then we headed to the field to join the rest of the practicum teachers for sukaneka. it was hell of a fun.though we were separated,i joined a group with teachers i never speak to, turned out they were ok! like 2 thumbs up ok. sporting. the events: cari gula dalam tepung. i had my contact lenses on my pupils, so during the find-the-sweet-in-the-flour event, my eyes got really red.yelah..tepung masuk mata.campur berair lagi..nang jadi cekodok dalam mata aku.haha

it was fun. surprisingly, i got many presents.not that many la.but i got two pressies from 1A students. i tot they hate me oredy after last week incident. terharu beb.then another 2 from Kelab Pengawas and Kelab Library.so overall 4 pressies la..

the teacher who always find fault with the practical teachers didnt get any except the present that he was supposed to pay for it. itula..busuk hati dengan orang lagi.not good tau. he also teaches 1A class but he didnt get any from them. My housemate, Kak Sha got so many presents from the students. One of the class that she teaches threw a surprise party for her.cikgu kelas diorang pun tak tau.see..the power of practical teachers?hah

i dont mean to brag. just the teacher who's allergic to us should stop and think.what have we done wrong yang kau benci gila babi sampai nak gosip satu sekolah?setakat kitorang bayar seorang rm5? the so 'expensive' gifts that the teachers pay to get were pathetic. a pencil case? dude, are you kidding me?seriously? i tot u are gonna buy emas ke emas putih ke for the teachers. such a joke.

k dah dah kutuk dia..kesian..

I wanna wish all teachers happy teachers' day. be proud of your profession because we are the chosen ones to help our nation. giler berkobar ayat..hehehe saje je..i am starting to love this job despite the challenges!

p/s pics will be uploaded soon! =)


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