Wednesday, May 26, 2010

screaming teachers demotivate students!

Life's pretty relax lately due to exam week. Nothing much to do. And less shouting in the class. I've heard some teachers in this school have this 'aura' that when they enter the classroom, the noises went dead. How did they do that?and these teachers are very nice one. not strict at all. They are the Superwomen teachers.hee *all are female*

My relationship with the students are getting better.Especially Form 4 students. I am glad. Now, whenever i enter the class, they will automatically sit down. and ready to hear stories or to learn. since this is exam week, they will just gather around the table and ask about life. apparently, they do think about their future. choices they have to grow up. Although they are in the last class, they are much better than the students from other form 4 classes. damn nice!

the other day, they told me that they want to learn. only that some teachers have this expectations that they are 'wild' and 'stupid'. So sad. if you dont teach them, of course la they all jadi stupid. moron betul cikgu-cikgu macam ni.They said some teachers will spend most of the time screaming at them, accusing them that they refused to listen anymore. Dont these teachers learn psychology? these kids were screamed at home. they dont need extra at school. haish..kesian..

the only problem i have with these kids are their proficiency level in English. They are terribly bad. i conducted my lesson in bilingual because they cannot understand at all.i mark their exam paper. and they couldnt understand  the questions so they copied all the notes i gave them.haish..boleh pulak copy2 time exam..haha

i am planning to do my least i have 3 weeks left after holidays to really drill them. they need help. not screaming and negative perceptions from the 'educators'.


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