Thursday, May 20, 2010

i fell in love with them first before the school =)

Last Sunday, we the practical teachers and one cikgu ganti (haha) went for a trip to Muar. To Kak Sha's house hunting for Masak Asam Pedas. We cramped into Inzah's MYVI and off we went. we used the long road i.e. masuk tangkak. now i know how Tangkak looks like.hee..went through many small incidents but we arrived safely.

At Kak Sha's house, we were served with plenty of food. Kak Sha's mom cooked Ayam Masak Asam Peday which was finger lickin' good. i never ate ayam masak asam pedas so a bit sakai. memang sedap!!

after lunch, we rested for a while before heading to Muar town. Nothing intriguing except Tanjong. it is a Muara Sungai.we lepaked there for almost two hours with camwhoring activity went on.haha...enjoy the piccies! =)

cramped in the car!

in Kak Sha's house

at Tanjong


actually there are a lot more piccies tapi muka semua tak senonoh..hahaha so enjoy je la pe yg ada..
next trip : Waterfall!! yiihaa

these are the people who brigthen up my day at my worst emotional breakdown.hehee

but so far, i am getting the hang of the students. know a lil bit how to control and tackle them. hopefully no more drama after this. InsyaAllah~~


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