Sunday, May 16, 2010

piece of me

i am at home. Quite Sunday morning with the Nanny's laugh flaring from the television.what a perfect day. but in 2 hours i am heading back to Jasin. My housemates are planning to go to Muar, to Kak Sha's house. oo..cant wait.

i havent told about my housemates. There are 5 of us. All practical teachers in the same school. Kak Sha and Kak Mazni are from UPSI.Their torture period in the school will end at the end of this month. so lucky. we still have 6 more weeks to go.

though we have just met, we clicked instantly.really. i am so grateful to have them. they are one of the reasons that keeps me going alive in Jasin.we shared the same problems, food, stress. oh i just love them.

i am exhausted. it's been 2 weeks and my body has started to react. fatigue and stress add up with hot weather, not good! i am tired most of the time. not because of physical reason, but by thinking too much. my mind could not stop thinking about lesson plan. how to tackle the students. how to create activities that suit every students. it's exhausting.

the students are extremely lazy. though i've spoon fed most of the time (for form 4 la)...still malas nauzubillah. salin nota je pon. sometimes just fill in the blanks. nak angkat pen pun Ya Allah..took me almost half of  the period. haish..sabar sabar..these students have no motivation. they've been told over the years that they are stupid, a burden and have no future. memang rot in hell la teachers who said that.if you are miserable with your life, why would you kill the young ones dreams?

benci cikgu macam nih.


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