Friday, January 17, 2014

3rd year of my professional life

16th January seems like a familiar date. Couldnt tell what till a friend posted a status on the facebook.

It marked the 3rd year of my professional life as an educator. Hehe

Time flies.

To compare me today to me 3 years ago, definitely different.

3 years ago, I was afraid to scold any student, I was scared they would hate me. Today, I couldnt care less. Because in the past years, I learnt that students dont really appreciate you no matter how nice you are.hahaha maybe because I'm teaching in all boys school so a bit different la. Girls naturally are more appreciative compared to boys. 

I get along well with colleagues. My colleagues is the main reason why I'm willing to travel 56km every day. Willing to get stuck at 17 traffic lights from my house to school. Willing to leave at 6am where others were still in bed.hehe All schools are generally the same, the students, the workload, the stress.But my colleagues make it manageable. But of course not everything is pretty about the school, still can handle.hehe

I plan to stay a few more years before looking for a school nearer to my house.Lemme grow professionally there as the school has so many opportunities for the students and teachers to grow. I'm so grateful.

My professional photo in the school magazine for 2013.bahahaha so kembang.hahaha

Here to many more great years!


ladyain said...

how do u handle your all boys students? kalau I memang failed.huhu

Nurul Razak said...

hi ladyain!hehe till now still learning the best way to handle them.since am the only girl among siblings, do help a lil bit.yang penting jgn baik sangat.jgn garang sangat.wpun baru form 3, boys ada ego kalau kena marah ngn perempuan.haha

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