Thursday, January 9, 2014


It's the forth day of the week.And I dont feel like going to work at all.



My body is still adjusting to the working mommy + EP mom routine which resulted in a very exhausted mommy.

I dont know where should I start to explain my routine.haha because it's endless.lemme try la okeh.

4.30am: wake up, pump, getting ready to school, feed min if he's awake.

6.10am: drive to school.

6.55am- 2.40pm: Be in school.if there's meeting, extra co-cu than time should be longer.

2.50pm-3.45pm: driving home, pump in the car.

3.45pm:arrive home, Min is usually awake, I think he can sense me.hahah and he wants me right away.No rest.

3.45pm-7pm: play, feed,bath and get Min to sleep.

7pm-730pm: Probably still trying to put Min to bed.

7.30pm: Bath, pray, eat.

8pm: Pump sesh + lesson plan on the laptop

9-10pm: getting stuffs ready for tomorrow: Min's clothes, bottle, my school stuffs, iron baju

10pm: sleep

11pm: Usually Min wakes up to feed.

11.15pm: Another pumping sesh

12am: Sleep 

2pm:If Min is still sleeping, another pumping sesh. Then feed Min.

2.45pm: Sleep

4.30: The cycle repeats

This is basically just a guideline. It totally depends on how Min wants it to be.hahahhaha

I need a longer sleep time. I know but I have no choice since I have to express milk for Min especially at night. My pumping sesh has gone down from 8 times per day to around 5-6 times only.aaaaa and Min's appetite is getting bigger.hoho I'm sleepy and tired. I dozed off several times unintentionally while driving to and fro school especially at the traffic lights. 

Oh, did I mention that Min isnt well? He's not been sleeping well for almost a week now due to cough and flu. Brought him to see a doctor already. Just a normal cough and flu for baby. 

Sick but still happy and active.

aaaaa I vant to write more but it's 5.15am already.need to get ready to schoollllllllllllllllllllllllllll


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