Saturday, January 4, 2014

Back to work

Yeay, finally I'm back at work after almost 5months.tee hee hee. No kidding, I'm actually super excited to kick ass back in school.haha The only drawback is to leave Min every morning. I guess Mommy's guilt will never go away, right?

Anyhoo, it's fun to be around colleague and students. After not seeing me for quite a period, I received mix reactions from them. Of course the most common one is I look slim now. ehem!hahaha But some reactions were a bit too much, not in a negative way just they were shock to see me in my current state. Korek2 rupanya according to them I expanded well when I was pregnant.

Told them it's normal la to expand but because of my small built, I looked super heyugge when I was still baking a baby. So I dug out old pictures of me. Lucky that I kept my growing belly photos till I popped. hehe

Kid you not even I frowned and thought 'Did I really expand that big? How's that even possible?"

During 38th ++ week


Seriously????? Aku sendiri takut tengok @.@

Me not-s0- now. When I was around 55kg. Now I'm 49. ehem.hahahaha


For my next pregnancy, I vow to eat well. No more binge eating.hahaha coz I think I'm lucky to bounce back to near normal shape effortlessly. Might not be so lucky next time.


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