Friday, December 19, 2014

Hong Kong Day 1 - Tsim Tsa Shui

We booked our room with Canada Hotel at Tsim Tsa Shui a couple of months before the trip. Tsim Tsa Shui is a popular area among tourists because most attractions are nearby - Avenue of Stars, Ferry Terminal, Museums and Shopping streets. Easy to get HALAL food too as Kowloon Mosque is just nearby.

But... I dont really like our guesthouse because it's in Chungkin Mansion -  a 15 storey building with a lot of other guesthouses. There are only 2 small elevators that can only squeeze max 8 pax so during peak hours the queue could be quite long. Apart from that, there are many Arabs, Indians, Filipinos and Africans around so I didnt feel very secure most of the time. Plus, everytime we arrived at the ground floor there would be people shoving us flyers offering halal food or room to rent. It got suffocating and frankly intimidating too. Anyhoo, if you can afford it, please choose a hotel instead. hehe

So this is...... our room. 

I expected it to be small but never THIS small. We barely had room to move around. It's a bit suffocating because we couldnt open the window without letting a bad smell of rubbish and God knows what. Luckily it was the starting of winter so we were okay. and also it was a good call to leave Minmin. phewww!

After we rested for awhile, B and I embarked our journey in Hong Kong.hehehehe We walked for about 5 minutes to Avenue of Stars. We were there for a while before heading to Star Ferry Terminal. We wanted to experience a ferry ride to Hong Kong Island. We forgot to take photos of this except a few. Too mesmerized with the beautiful views MasyaAllah...

The ferry ride costs around HKD1 ++ Cant remember the exact amount because we just tapped our Octopus Card.hehehe The ferry ride took around 5 minutes, plenty of time to take photos and all but we didnt. You get to see the development in Hong Kong, their tall buildings... and winter.

 Hong Kong Island from the ferry

 Something we stumbled at subway... =)

hahahaha a shop near our block.hahahahahahahah

Anyhoo, our itinerary for Day 1 was supposed to go to The Peak but we couldnt find the MTR station which is Central. From Central, it's just withing walking distance to The Peak.The ferry terminal is near HongKong station so we were kinda lost. We spent almost 1 hour walking around. It was getting dark and was raining lightly so we had to end the night early. By the way since it's winter, Maghrib is around 5.18pm. huhu

We had Arab meal for dinner at I-dont-know-where coz we were brought by the guy distributing flyers in front of our block.

Ordered Kabob as we thought it would be the same as Malaysia version but we were wrong.hahah and we also ordered Briyani. Our Malaysian briyani definitely tastes better.hihi

This is Kabob (kebab la..)

Came back to our room, showered then krohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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