Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Peak, Hong Kong

We arrived from Macau around 5.30pm (Maghrib was 5.18pm) the day was getting darker but still early according to my Malaysia time.ahhaa Since we arrived at Hong Kong Island Terminal instead of Tsim Tsa Shui, we decided to go to The Peak. We were already tired so we got lost.again.haha we couldnt find the way to The Peak.

Tried looking for a bus, we didnt understand the system. We had no clue. Tired, we chose to go by taxi. Hired a taxi... then it was the ride of our lives for the 2nd time that day. hahaa

I think Macau and Hong Kong taxi drivers share the same trait, i.e. driving dangerously. I think I have started to believe those driving stunts in Hong Kong movies/ dramas they were true. Because that's what we experienced ourselves!

It was a peak hour, people going home from work/ school. So the traffic was slow, congested. and this impatient driver (just like Macau driver) started to raise his voice screaming at the traffic. He drove dangerously fast and stepped on the brake frequently. It is as if that was our fault that the traffic was congested. I definitely DID NOT feel welcome.hahaha

We started getting worried so B turned on Waze and tried to locate our location. Turned out from the ferry terminal to the peak was about 3-4km but because of the traffic, it took almost 1/2 hour. In the midst of tension in the taxi, the driver suggested we took a different route to avoid the traffic. I didnt want him to get anymore annoyed so we just said yes.

And after a seeminggggglllyyyy long period, we finally arrived at the tram station to The Peak. And the bill.... about HKD70+++++. I swore to B that I will never ride any taxi there, ever.

While queuing to take the tram. Again, there were people cutting the lines  i just didnt bother to use profanities in my language.. geram ok, dahla penat ahahaha

The view, was totally worth it. But it was drizzling and the fog kinda covered the view a lit bit. Not to forget, the temperature was 11'C and windy.  pergghhh sejukkk


HKD5 to use this

There was a photo service (look at the hugging couple). We wanted to have the service but the queue was quite long. Plus the temperature was so cold (to a Malaysian skin like me...haha) so we had to pass it.

A big bear balloon stuffed with more balloon, or balls? not sure.

From The Peak station we walked (following a group of people who seemed to be heading to MTR station..hehe) to the station. It was drizzlng.

A tall building that you have to strain your neck to look at the top. A famous building that I dont bother to remember the name. Haish...

We arrived at Central Station. Took a train to Tsim Tsa Shui...

Since it was still early, we headed to Avenue of Stars.

It was still drizzling.. we couldnt stick around so we headed back

Had dinner, rest then kroohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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