Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hong Kong Trip Day 1 - What to do at the airport

So we went to Hong Kong by we I mean my husband and I.hehe We didnt bring Minmin because he was down with flu and also his protective grandparents didnt let us. Anyhoo, it was a good decision not to bring him because it was raining most of the time and the temperature was cold and not good for Minmin.

We departed from KLIA2 at 8.45 am 1st December 2014 and landed at Hong Kong International Airport arount 12.40pm. hehe

What I love so much about this trip is B and I just followed where our feet brought us. We did some studies and prepared the itinerary but didnt really follow it. Coz..yea...for the first time i wasnt a schedule freak.

Anyhoo, after collecting our bags, we went searching for 1010 Shop to buy Traveller simcard. I kehnotttt live without internet.hahah then went to buy Octopus Card for the MTR train.

here are the tips:

1. You can buy the Octopus card at the arrival gate. If you miss it, go to the arrival level, there's a bigger counter where you can buy the card. The price is at HKD150 including $50 deposit that you can refund when you return the card. DO NOT BUY TOURIST OCTOPUS CARD cause it's more expensive. Octopus card can be used for transportation - train, bus, ferry and even at 7E. So it's freakin' important.hehe

Octopus Card (image googled)

2. You can buy Traveller Simcard at 1010 Shop located also at the arrival level 5 (previously located at departure level). The simcard offers unlimited Internet Data for 7 days which is a yeayyy for us. We bought only 1 card and shared the data. Thethering la. oh the price is HKD88. Unlike Korea, there are very limited places that offer free wireless connection so if you cant live without internet, go buy this.

1010 Shop (image googled)

3. If your accommodation is around Tsim Tsa Shui, you can use bus A21 at the Airport Bus Terminus. The bus frequency is around 10-15mins so you wont have to wait long. Go down at Pitstop 13 for Tsim Tsa Shui. The trip costs around HKD34. Cheaper than taking the MTR plus you get to see Hong Kong.

So, enjoy the not-so-quality photos of Hong Kong city. =))) 




This area reminded me so much of Jackie Chan movies.haha


We didnt have photos of Tsim Tsa Shui station as we were busy looking for our guesthouse. And also not so comfortable surrounded by people offering accommodations. One turn off for Hong Kong.hehe



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