Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In Macau

So we arrived at Macau Terminal around...erm...10.30 am... I think.haha forgot the detail. In Macau there are just so many big Casinos and and these Casinos provide free shuttle bus to go to their places. And as a smart budget traveller, you can use this to go to tourists' attractions nearby the casinos.hehehe

Our first target was of course THE VENETIAN!! HEHEHE

When we got out from the immigration door, we went to the toilet. Little did we know there was a pair of eyes watching us. I think because I wore hijab, it couldnt hide the fact that we were tourists. So this lady approached us and offered to bring us around Macau for a day. Her fees stunned us so we said no. I think it's around HKD2000 = RM900 per pax. We kindly refused.

It didnt stop there. She followed us around so we rushed out of the terminal building had no time to survey the surrounding. We wanted to get rid of her. We arrived at a taxi station and wanted to take a taxi, just to escape from her. hahah Unfortunately, the taxi driver refused Hong Kong dollar so we stood at the side trying to figure out the next step. and to our surprised, the scary lady emerged from behind the wall where we were standing!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa

We said no and quickly returned to the terminal building and saw a sign to the shuttle bus station. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Then we just hopped into The Venetian bus and was super relieved to finally escaped.hahaha



We ate at the food court, only I shop selling Arab food.huhu

If you go to this place dont forget to visit another 2 attractions here... erm.... I couldnt recall what but got Hard Rock Cafe and erm.... screw me. tak ingat. ish.. We were not interested to go so we went back to the shuttle bus station and returned to the ferry terminal to catch another shuttle to Senado Square. - told you we just walked where our feet brought us so we just hopped on the bus.haha

From the Ferry Terminal we took another shuttle bus to Lisbon, a casino near to Senado Square.

Not so near tho.haha

We didnt know which way to go we just studied the map and went with the crowds. Asalkan sampai...sudehhhhh

Fat-ass Casino. tee hee hee

We walked for 10-15 minutes and finally arrived at the square. It's just next to a post office building.


At this point we were already exhausted so less photo taking.haha
From Senado Square, follow the signs to the Ruin of St Paul.

Narrow path led to being lost....again.hahah actually we were fascinated with the architecture so missed the road signs to the Ruin. 

Yeayyyy sampai~!!!

Couldnt find any halal portuguese tarts...boo hoo.... I read in some blogs they could get tarts. I wasnt so convinced coz most shops selling tarts were also selling pork. Takde rezeki...

We spent around one hour here. My kaki already almost patah and we wanted to go back to Hong Kong. Walking back to the casino was impossible (sakit kaki...huhu) so we decided to take a taxi.

We hopped on a taxi and surprised by the ride of our life. The taxi driver drove like mad man despite the traffic. When we almost arrived at the ferry terminal, there was a slow van in front of us and the taxi driver started cursing and I could graps a little of his vulgarities 'chisin...chisin...' which i believe in many years being a hong kong drama fan it means 'crazy'. muahahahaha

We arrived safe and sound and almost breathless and managed to catch the 4.30pm ferry back to Hong Kong.

A little information for you which we DIDNT know earlier

Ferry to Hong Kong

Turbojet - will arrive at Hongkong Island Ferry Terminal

Cotaijet - Tsim Tsa Shui Terminal.

We didnt know, we chose Turbojet and arrived at Hong Kong Island.heheh

That's all I think. More details shoot me an email =)

Toooooo many grammar mistakesssss hereeeeeee....dont have time to edit coz Minmin is awake now...



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