Sunday, July 22, 2012


B was in town for 6 days which was the first time since the wedding we spent time together for that long. I've grown accustomed having him around,seeing his shirts lying on the floor,the smell of his perfume lingers in the room. So you can imagine how hard it is for me to send him to the airport and come home to my empty room. :-(

I enjoyed his presence the whole time. I did cook for him once (the target was to cook for every meal but i failed). I prepared roti john for buka last night.wanted to make roti jala but mom did that hoo

Getting up early for sahur was the best experience.we would shake each other's up and forced one another to go wash up first.the latter could continue sleepin.haha apart from that, mom still had very little trust on me about how i serve my husband. For every meal,sahur or break fast, she would comment about what i should do. For example, "nurul get a glass for sepul" or "nurul sepul nak tambah nasi lagi" =______='

Currently we are waiting for the news regarding our future.this could be a turning point in our lives. Hopefully it's for the best for us and oyr family.

Ting tong teng tung.... "Attention to all passengers flight AK 5112 to Bintulu, your flight is now ready for boarding"

'Air mata kasih berlinangan........'

Nahhhhh..i'm not the sobbing type especially in public.wahhahaha
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