Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finding my roots

I feel lost lately. Ok not lately but since a month ago. I dont know why I wake up everyday, get ready and find myself driving to school at wee hour.

Every time I entered a class, I would search for the answer on the students' face. The answer on what to teach that day. Days passed and I find it's getting hard for me to focus.

One could easily see my mobility in school. I am a secretary for one workshop organised by the school so you could see me walking in a very fast pace up and down - the busiest woman ever in the school...yea as if...

I think I have a problem. I'm still finding the balance to prioritize my works. Juggling between classes, lesson planning, other tasks.

Today the book supplier came and he helped to lift one boulder off my shoulder. For 4 days, I got RM3K cash under my care. Money for MUET text books, PIBG fee and school magazine fee.

Today also I entered one of my muet classes, teaching nothing. I was supposed to do listening activity but the radio decided to kill itself and I had no backup plan. I entered the class and explained to the students. they were more than happy to chat. I should have my contingency plan. I really should.

Bottom line - I am not prepared. I have my lesson plans but I find it too boring so I dont really follow it and I dont find the need to make the lesson interesting. What's happening to me? =(

I think I have too many things to handle. But so far this is the first time I'm letting it off here. I believe other teachers have bigger things to handle too. I need to learn how to manage my work more efficiently.

My desk is turning into a small hill. Books, files, papers are piling.

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