Thursday, July 5, 2012

Learning Process

I'm getting crazier because of those.hehe my school is organising workshops for STPM candidates and inviting all the school around Melaka to join. I've been making calls, faxing letters, drafting, meeting and screaming.muehehehe but I love it. I get to deal with many Form 6 GPKs around Melaka. and just now an officer from JPM called asking about the programme. I wasnt sure but I goreng-ed and I think I've answered well.muehehe the questions include why we have on certain dates or times. what's the purpose bla bla bla. 

My sister is spending her semester break at home. I'm blessed to have sisters who cook, bake really really really well. One of them could beat masterchef contestants and the other sister can open up a bakery. Me? I'll be the regular customer.muahahahaha

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