Monday, July 9, 2012


Today was crazy. Work, colleagues, anger, frustration. But I dont wanna talk about work. It will get on my nerve.

This morning as I entered the office to get the register book, I saw a form for CRK (Cuti Rehat Khas). I took 2 sheets, filled in the details and knocked on the principal's door. Am lucky to have a principal who comes early everyday.hehe

Bid salam and greet good morning. Shyly showed him the form.

HM: Why do you want to take a day off.

Me: matter sir.

HM: *reading and scrutinizing*... how many days you want?

Me: One day only.Thursday.

HM: Thursday? How bout Friday? Will you come on Friday?

Me: yeppp I will. only one day.

HM: why do you want to take a day off??,,,, oh family matter. what family matter? eh sibuk je saya ni nak tau.haha ----- yeap he did say that.

Me: my husband is coming home sir.

HM: Ooo so you are going to fetch him at the airport?

Me: ermm... yes sir.

HM: *left his signature*


Haha it's not that i'm going to fetch B at the airport.He will come on Tuesday. Thursday, We plan to tour around Bandar Hilir. muehheheh Stadhuys, Afamosa, Kapal Besar, Taming Sari Tower. Ooo yeahhh. newly-weds style!

The babies at Sarawak Cultural Village.

I inserted our picture for this post but deleted it. I feel shy shy to put our picture together. Dulu time dating tak malu. dah kawen malu.hahaha so will do the babies to substitute la okiess?

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