Saturday, July 7, 2012

Take me home

Last week was too overwhelming for me.

I got a Form 2 class for English subject and they took away my Civic class.

Taking over another class during midyear is suicidal.I dont know the students and I have syllabus to catch up. I've entered the class and I'm tired starting all over again - getting to know the kids, the attitudes, being emo. There's this one Indian boy in the class. he loves to say 'fuck' and look at me. I asked the previous teacher and she told me that boy is testing me. It's either fuck or shit. and he will shout those words in the class when I was teaching. damn boy!

Apart from that drama, i'm chasing the students from the 2 civic classes to hand in their folio. I'm tired. The due date was 2 weeks ago. Next week I'll fill in the borang salah laku. Tired of being too nice.

Then come other events/meetings/letters..

I got tricked into doing somebody else's job too and lost my Saturday. They whole time I was in school I felt rage inside of me. Kerja tak ikhlas. I just couldnt talk myself into doing it. I was forced.

And tonight I just found out I lost my thumb drive which basically stores my soul. Official letters, meeting minute, contact no, proposal, moduls Oh just kill me now.

With all the mumbo jumbos, can somebody take me to B? I miss him. I need to go home. I need to see him. I need him to hug me and say everything will be alright. My pendrive is temporarily hiding from me. The students will hand in their folio next week. Anyone? please...
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