Thursday, July 19, 2012

So far, life is good

If I know getting married is this awesome, I would have married B long time ago.hehe

Been silence because B is in town. All my attention is on him.

So far I'm happy. Alhamdulillah. I have a husband who loves me, who can get along well with my family especially Abah, who can be a good imam for prayer. I'm thankful. Really.

Yesterday when I was at work, B followed Abah to the orchard, helping when necessary. B said Abah was talkative, telling stories, brought him to have breakfast at Induk's. For tea break, Abah brought him to Alor Gajah to eat roti canai. There were sooo many things that the both of them talked about. Something I rarely do with Abah.

One of the reasons why I cant get Abah is this:


But I;m not scared of it tho. Only one animal scares the hell outta me.

Anyhoo, last week Abah sold his bike. He had no time to play with it anymore.Kinda sad for all of us because it brings so much memory. Did you know none of us were ever allowed to ride the bike? Except few times for my younger brothers. almost 14 years.

Last picture before parting. Thanks bike. You've served well =)


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