Sunday, July 1, 2012

New venture

There are major changes in the time table last week. Majorly because the arrival of a new group of teachers. For me, it's because of the shortage of teacher for MUET. The school receive an unexpected number of lower six students i.e. 247 in total with only 3 teachers. Ergo, the principal pulls another teacher to join the Form 6 force.

And because of that, the new force has to let go one of her Form 2 class and the class is given to me. I will no longer teach Civic Ed (yeayyy!) but I'm a bit worried too about where to start. And the class will start tomorrow.huuuu

As I told before, I had 60 students from Arts stream for MUET. Since we are splitting the students equally into 5 groups, each teacher will receive around 28 students. I am given Arts 2 and 3 students from Arts 1 to be in my class. There's one student from Arts 1 who came and told me she wants to be in my group. The problem with her is she doesnt want to even try to speak in English or participate in any activity. When I asked her something, she anwered in BM, not a single word in English. Even when she wanted to go to the loo, she would ask in BM =__='

Back to the story, I told her if she wants to be in my class, she would need to speak more in English. She kept quite. I feel bad thou but I believe it's good for her. The teacher that will take her class is not a Malay and I believe it would do her good. She will be forced to speak in English.

This is common according to my head panel. Malay students will feel comfortable if a Malay teacher teaches them English because they feel the teacher will back them up or be less strict with them. The weak ones will not show any effort to do English.

Just the other day, a senior teacher who's going to retire in August asked me this,

"Ain, why Malay students dont want to speak in English?'

"Aaaaa.....I'm not sure...various reasons la sir....'

'How you can speak did you do?"

'...ermmm... I think its my parents. my father taught in brunei before where the syllabuses are in English and he always speak english at home bla bla bla'

'Oooo...I'm going to retire soon still cannot get my malay students to speak in english......'


It's frustrating.

Some of my malay students tot I was born with good english. =________________________=
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