Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Shock

 When we talk about babies, the images appear in our heads are

how cute they smile
how cute they laugh and giggle
how cute they coo
how cute they wiggle
how cute they burp

heck even when they poop oso we think it's cute.

Therefore, like almost all normal beings, I dreamt of having my own baby since very young.Because baby screams cuteness!!!

Till I have my own baby to care for 24/7.

Yea that kind of thought just flew out of the window 2 days after I was discharged from the hospital.

It wasnt bad at all when I was at the hospital because Muhaimin was only brought to me when he's hungry or when I asked to. I did nothing except staring at him adorably.At home, for 24/7 he's with me.

At the beginning, he woke up every 2 hours to feed. He was restless because of the new surrounding outside the womb. He cried. He pooped and peed.

B and I had baby shock for the first time in our lives.Never knew taking care of a newborn is very challenging. He didnt smile, he didnt laugh, but he grunts all the time.hahahaha It's more a one-way communication. Ya la...after all the hardwork, you expect to see him smile back to you but he didnt. He's not at that  stage yet =.=

The first week I remembered B kept telling me how shock he was to the new situation. He didnt expect that he would be in that situation. B was restless because he couldnt understand the root of Muhaimin cries.haha

You see, when we play with babies that's not ours, we never saw the
'behind-the-scene' situation where they cried, they smelled, they stress (yess baby got stress oso =__='). When we talked to their parents, they seemed ok, so in love with their babies. But little did we know...haha

I think I'm ok already now. But B isnt. When he came back last week, he still looked stress though especially when Muhaimin woke up in the middle of the night. He looked lost, could be because he just got up, tired or...still in shock.miahahaha

Anyhoo, wanna share one funny story happened to B last week. It was his last day before he flew back to Bintulu. Around 6.30am, Muhaimin woke up to feed. After feeding, B was changing his diaper. He laid Muhaimin on the bed and B kneel kat tepi katil. It was usual for Muhaimin to fart a lot (gassy baby this one lol). So please imagine, B on his knee, face very near to Muhaimin's butt, Muhaimin was farting, but for the second blow, came too the poop. It exploded right in front of B slapping his face with poop and smearing his shirt. I was so sleepy but the moment the rare incident happened, I couldnt contain my laugh.hahahahah

B was super shock. His face expression was priceless. He looked like he was going to be angry but I think he controlled la. Quickly he went to the toilet so I took over. While changing him, I was giggling all the way till B came back only I stopped. miahahaha

Definitely the moment I'm going to remember. Hence this post. So Muhaimin, if you are all grown up, and able to read, read this post then go hug ayah ok.hahahahaha

Uh, I did what?? whoaaaa sorry ayah =p


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