Saturday, October 12, 2013


If you've been following my twitter, you would know that I fell sick 2 days ago. It was food poisoning and the worst ever i experienced so far. My stomach is very sensitive to bad food (got it from Abah) so I've had my fair share of food poisoning through out my life, including during my honeymoon =___='. But usually they were mild ones, either i vomit or had diarrhoea. Never both.

2 days ago, it was both. I took breakfast at 8am. 4 other family members had the same food I had but it was my rezeki to have eaten the bad one. Boo hoo...After I ate, I felt all gassy and bloated. I still did house chores and took care of Muhaimin. At 11.30am, I told B I was nauseous. and wanted to nap for a while. But, my nap was disturb by stomach cramps. At that time I already knew I had food poisoning because of the tell tale signs.

At one point, I was very dizzy and uncomfortable and nauseous so I went to the toilet and stood in front of the sink. I felt like the everything inside my belly was going to come out. I stood for a while but nothing happen. So i decided to help it by sticking my finger into my throat. Then all hell broke loose. Everything I ate for breakfast came out. I had roti jala so the sink was filled with thick yellowish liquid. ewwwwwwwww

So the story went from there. After the 2nd vomit came the diarrhoea. After a while, I vomitted water and cherry-berrying water oso. I was very weak like a lempeng. Abah already took over to take care of Muhaimin. Since  I was losing so much water from my body, I was dehydrated. I replenished by drinking more water but seconds after I gulped them down,  I vomitted. So by 3pm, Ummi decided it's time to go to the hospital. She brought me to the Emergency Room at Hospital Alor Gajah.

Cut story short, I got two bottles of drip. I was dehydrated and dizzy. The doc did blood test on me but everything seemed normal. At 5.30pm, I was allowed to go back with a handful of medicine to bring back. The drip made me slightly better but still quite dehydrated. I was thirsty all the time. Mom let me drink 100PLus (the only part I love from all this hehehehehehe). That night I slept like a log. Didnt even wake up to change Min's diaper and feed him.

This morning I was a bit weak so I slept whenever I had the chance. I didnt eat for 8 hours and with the vomittting, my belly couldnt handle normal food. So mom prepared chicken porridge for me. My appetite is slowly getting better. But when I tried eating sandwich, my stomach still cramped so I guess it's not ready. Porridge then.

One good thing came out from this is of course I lost 1.5kg.hehe Happy? a lil bit but I wish not to ever experience this again. huhu but since I lost sooo much water, my milk supply decreased tremenduosly. From 6-7 oz per pumping session, I only get 3 oz now. Stressful and make me really sad. Need to work hard to increase them hoo

I'm typing this at the wee hour in the morning while pumping. So pardon the grammar and lintang pukang-ness of this post.


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