Friday, October 4, 2013

Get my old belly back

I guess like most mommies out there, after being bloated close to a year, we all want our old body back. I said most, not all.hee


Ok if you cant read that it says 'I want mine this instance!'

43 days after delivery, the only part of my body that has totally returned to its normal size are my feet.hahaha I'm shrinking definitely but still not looking like old me. Ceh bajet body hot sangat before pregnant *roll eyes*. I've read many successful stories of mommies who busted their assess to get the pre-pregnancy bodies back. However, a few mommies just need to sit around buffing their nails and voila! Me? I'm in the former group. But hasnt started busting my ass yet. Just doing it mentally.haha

This is me, taken in October. To be fair for the comparison, this is the only photo that was taken close to the month I got knocked up, December.hahaha Dont be fooled, I sucked my tummy here.hahaha I was 45-46kg at that time.

 Me at 9 month. Gained 22kg T____T

Now my post partum weight is currently 54kg and the number doesnt seem to go away since it's been static for 3 weeks already.I guess this is the stubborn fat that will need force to leave me.

Me at after 30 days after delivery. My face can tell the whole story.No need whole body photo *grumpy*

Why is it important for me to return to old size?

Firstly, because I feel heavy. Getting up after sitting on the floor is a work for me. and while I need to carry Muhaimin most of the time, adding my on weight, it's not stable. Then, I feel tired most of the time. and I move around in slow pace. As a mom, I need to move faster coz I have so many things to do in a day. and lastly, to boost my self-esteem. I dont feel like myself. As much as I want to go out and enjoy the world, I dont feel confident to reveal (gittewwww ayat!) myself to the world just yet. Totally get Kim K now.hehe

Since I had a C-Sec, heavy workout is definitely a no-no. Plus I'm still experiencing pain once in a while so dowanna risk myself just to look good. I've been googling and I think the first step is to strengthen my abdomen. I have diastasis recti which is common especially after having a C-Sec. Basically it causes separation of abdominal muscles. Simpler words, my 6 packs wont be in straight line. Bajet ada 6 packs. mueheheh and this is one of the reason why I have a pooch now. No guys, it isnt cute.

Anyhoo, the step to tackle this is pretty simple. I can do it anytime, anywhere.

Taken from here, these are pretty simple to do. So far, I've been doing only no 1.

Ok I've never had a flat tummy even before I was pregnant. But adding the pooch now, I cant wear most, yes MOST of my old clothes. *cries*

So my aim la at least if I cant have 6 packs, I'd be happy with my old slightly bulging tummy.hahahaha


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