Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Min at 1 month

Today, Min is 52 days which means he has already achieved the 1 month milestone. heehee I want to document his progress here, just like I did when I was pregnant with him.

Exactly one month after he was born, Min was

  • 5.1kg
  • 57cm long
  • Drinks 90ml of milk every 1.5-2hours.
  • Successfully differentiate between day and night (good boy!)
  • Recognises my voice (awwww......)
  • His eyes can focus better now
  • He hates lying down.He prefers to be in a sitting or standing position. Ni kes perasan tulang blakang and leher dah kuat.hahaha
  • Enjoy bath time
  • Talks more in his own language
  • TV distracts him
aaaa and the usual development stuffs la.haha am lazy to write.

I think motherhood changes me, not drastically but slowly. I dunno how to explain why I have this strong feeling of love towards some one who is super smelly but comforting at the same time.hahaha


I'm sexy and I know it

 There's this one frame of Kaabah in our hall and he lovesssss staring at it.A mystery till today.hehe

I love you Baby Min. Though I might nag at you (foresee my future as a mom) but I do love you. Wallahi. Grow and be a good caliph ok!


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