Friday, October 18, 2013

Good Bye Melaka

*imagine us, ehem me and Muhaimin that is, waving to the crowds as if we were some royals while walking up the stairs to enter our plane*


Today, InsyaAllah at 4.05pm we will fly to Bintulu.

I'm dead nervous expecting what to be expected or unexpected because this is Muhaimin first real trip, travelling with plane summore. This is a baby we are talking about, which means he bosses you. Not the other way around.haha

I've travelled with plane since quite young and had had my fair share of sitting next to babies or toddlers who screamed their lungs out through out the journey and calmed down only after the planes  touched down..Now I am a parent myself, i hope things will be easy for us. The key is KEEP THE BABY HAPPY ALL THE TIME!

I've had mental rehearsal gazillion times in my head - how the flow would be, which bags (plural intended) to use, where to reheat the milk, what contingency plan to have if the boss became fussy..many things lah...

Yesterday, we had a real rehearsal, bringing Muhaimin to Senawang. It was his first trip outside the state!!! LOL Bunyi cam jaoh je pdahal..haha

Initially he was a bit cranky and we could see he was nervous.After a while, after we swaddled him, finally he fell asleep. Alhamdulillahhhhhhhh. tee hee in short, the trip was a success!

And it was my first time trying out technique with my expressed breastmilk (EBM). Since Min thinks feeding using bottle is more sophisticated (I have always suspected he wanna impress some chicks, direct feeding is uncool....haha pun intended ok.) I have to lug around cooler bag and thermal bag. And bags to keep empty and dirty bottles. aaaa and not to forget the breastpump and the accessories. Gosh, even typing this is tiring.

I find that it wasnt as hard as I thought. Since EBM can stand 4hours in room temperature (I limit it to 3hours) it's pretty easy to handle.So now I'm preparing for longer trip, which is today. We probably leave Melaka slightly before noon, drop by Senawang to fetch my parents-in-laws then off to KLIA. ETA in Bintulu would be around 6.15pm. Waiting for the luggage, pung pang pung pang might reach home around 7-8pm. perghhh...So, that's quite a challenge but hopefully everything will be alright.

I did lotsa reading about hand-carrying EBM on board, Allah is great, it is permittable for domestic flight, For international flight, only certain amount is allowed. Now let's see how the things unfold today. Allah, please ease our journey and let Muhaimin enjoys this trip.

I'm super excited and also nervous. Cant wait to arrive to the other side of the land, and start a new routine, this time with B around.hehehe

Min has started to suck on his fists so we take the mittens off. =)

p/s I might not be able to blog for a while when I'm in Bintulu coz the house has no internet connection. Kena pasang jugak tenet, bosan kot! I need to ngerepak ok~ 

Till then, adieu!


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