Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Confinement and Me

We did not get along too well, that for sure.hahaha I ended my confinement 2 days ago, not with flying colours I guess. If I were to give a grade, maybe I pass with C+? HEHE

I pretty much took care of myself. My mom worked during the day. My ummi took care of my food. I did my own param, pilis, herbal bath and other traditional stuffs once or twice coz you cannot have those weird thngs on you when you are carrying and taking care of a baby all day. Plus, pilis smells like cow dunk. I'm serious!

I didnt bind my abdomen due to the surgery. But I did wear the velcro wrap for 3weeks (after 2 weeks) till it hurts my lower abdomen. In my 4th week mom told me to put on the traditional binder (bengkung). She only told me to wear never taught me how oso =__= so I didnt. As a result, I'm not as small as I wanted to be. erghh...

I think the only part that I really stuck to is my food. Ummi and Mom were deadly serious in this department. But of course I cheated once with a slice of pizza (blame my bro for buying this) even that my mom kept close eyes to make sure I didnt help myself with 2nd round.hahaha and true enough, that night both of us couldnt sleep because Min was colicky.miahaha lesson learnt! Ummi was more strict when it comes to food. She made sure I ate the right food everyday. Sometimes the food/herbs were just too weird for my tastebuds I ended up cheating. How? Shove some portions into my stockings or pockets and pretended as if I finished them. miahahaha ok shhhh! this is our secret ok =p

Out of this, I learnt one thing, for my second baby (InsyaAllah) i'm gonna fine my own confinement lady. Because I didnt really follow what I should have done, my body aches everywhere especially around my abdomen. Maybe because I carried Muhaimin too much and he is not a light one. And I hope at that time B would be around so I dont have to do everything all by mysefl =)

Boring confinement story yea? Yea confinement was a boring process to me. The only thing that kept me around the clock is Muhaimin and pumping. Before I knew, it was already the next day.hehehe

I bought Tanamera set. Out of 11 items, only 2 things I used till finish, herbal bath (easy to prepare) and VCO. The rest....a lil bit only. hoho membazir je...

I also took Shaklee set and it was awesome!! I was energetic (except for surgery pain) and kept me on my positive mood. I am very sure because I was out of supply for 3 days and while waiting for the new stock to arrive, I could feel the different. Very tired, easily irritated. Ni tak tipu punya ok!

Ok la.I'm typing this while pumping. I'm done now and it's time for bed. it's 3.30 am *yawn*


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