Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My cousin said it's normal for a new mom to be obsessed about their new baby, especially first born.

I thought I was not till I came here.

I dont like how people control my baby. What ever decision made for him, must go through me and approve by me. and my thought is final. But it didnt happen that way =__='

I dont like it even more when people said he looks more like his dad.hahaha

Ok this is serious.

I need to relax a bit. Stop being so obsess because in the end I'll be the one who's stressed.

I'm really obsess guys. I did quite a reflection to search for the root of this problem and came to only one reasonable conclusion.

Through out my pregnancy, I was mostly alone. I carried myself alone. When I craved, I went to search for it alone. When I was having pregnancy discomfort, I experienced it alone. Well most of the time. No one really took care of me except when B was around. 

I think I have been independent for almost a year so when Min's out, I REALLY HATE IT when people act like they know more than me.

He's hungry, feed more.

He's colicky.

He's sleepy,

He's afraid.


I took care of him during confinement mostly alone when my parents went to work. I know what my baby needs or having. I know when he's hungry. I know his cue when he's sleepy. I know his face expression when he's afraid.

I'm not saying I know everything about him. But the basic, yea try me.

So when other people decide when he needs to be fed, to sleep, to bath, irk the hell out of me.

What should I do then? =(

Mouth to chin, he definitely takes it from me.hahaha


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