Monday, October 28, 2013

Little Min at 2months old

A few days ago, Min hit the 2months milestone. He's definitely longer and heavier, but still no smile.

We catched him smiling few times but those were unintended. B and I had turned ourselves crazy trying to make him smile or giggle at our silly faces but failed. Why so kedekut oneeeeeee

2month jab. He didnt cry! Good boy

Gigi - short form for giraffe.His 1st sleeping buddy.

Min is now 6.3 kg. Not sure his length tho but he's longer than the rubber mat in the picture.kono boli yg bosar sikit

First time sleeping liddis. This boy kehnot sleep in any place but a quiet one. But that day history changed.hahaha

Min needs a lot of new clothes. He's either have outgrown or some are getting too fit for his body. Mommy gonna shop some, soon. or you can just flash your sweetest smile to nenek, can you min?hahaha


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