Thursday, February 13, 2014

Abdul Muhaimin at 5 months

He's growing definitely. Last weighing - 7.9kg, the reason no one wants to hold him longer.haha

Recognises family faces. He knows me (of course!), his atok, his nenek and wan.

Atok is his best buddy, make mommy a little jealous *pout*

He chuckles, giggles.

THis week, 5 months and 3 weeks, he finally succeeded in rolling over effortlessly.haha good boy!

Erm....he is still a good boy. Very easy to take care of, say those who took care of him before. He doesnt scream when he cries, just cranky sound, very easy to sooth, as long as you pick him up, he's the happiest baby on earth.

erm...drinks a lot also. ermmm what else eh?hhaha

Oh ya, he loves the mirror. Gosh you should see him smiling and giggling and I swear acting all shy when he saw his own reflection. Perasan hensem ek??hahaha

and one more thing, Muhaimin must go out of the house at least once everyday or he'll be super cranky at night. He will start showing attitude around 5pm because that's around the time where we usually would go jalan-jalan and he sits in the stroller.He would sit quietly observing the surrounding. And it makes it easier to make him go to lala land at night too. Baby oso need to wind up la.haha

Takpe, berbaloi beli stroller combi tu tau. sebab hari2 confirm pakai.hohoho


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