Sunday, February 16, 2014

Breastpumping journey so far

2 weeks ago I was so stressed when my production dropped. Last week, I had to reintroduce formula milk again to Min, in case I had to go for the course. At first, he refused and cried. A few attempts, he drank like a dream.

My heart shattered of course because it wasnt my milk. But I put aside all the negative thoughts and tried to console myself that this is another form of rezeki. At least Min's condition is better than those babies in Africa or Syria.

Allah definitely has His own ways.

The course was cancelled.

And my production suddenly surged till I managed to replace all my stocks. I am producing more than what Min needs in a day. MasyaAllah.

I guess the incident is a way Allah wanted to test me that in a flick of seconds, he CAN take away what belongs to him. 

Tersedar jugak aku because honestly I had my proud moment for being able to feed my baby. Allah uji sikit je.terus kelam kabut hidup aku.

Insaf dan insyaAllah, aku akan lebih bersyukur. Susu tin yang aku dah bukak tu aku akan habiskan. Means, I will still feed Min the milk. Avoid wastage. AKu takut rezeki kena tarik lagi. I feed him that only at night. and again, I learned one thing.

I've been feeding Min Friso milk twice in a night. Not even a week, Min has drank half the package.8 oz a day, per week

Based on rough calculation, if I were to stop breastmilk and gave him only Friso, the budget would be around RM300++ per month. kau! Min kuat minum susu dowh.Disebabkan itu, menguatkan semangat aku untuk terus mengepam.hoho InsyaAllah.

Aku dalam proses belajar untuk persetankan ibu-ibu taksub susu ni. So far, I left all the breastfeeding groups, unfollowed moms who give out tips on breastfeeding and a few friends. Kalau kat depan mata, I walked away when they started talking about breastfeeding.I dont want to be negative. I love Abdul Muhaimin so much, there's no doubt. I dont want to look down on myself again. Because in the end, those people cannot love my baby like I do.

Pipi boyot mommy =)


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