Tuesday, February 25, 2014

G'bye Poplook

I was once so crazy about Poplook. I think it's because I heard or read so much buzz about the brand that I went gaga as well. My obsession brought me to a dark path where at one point I bought 3 penny dresses in one transaction. I used to have a total of 11 penny dresses.However, God has His plan that 3 months with the dresses, in which some I didnt even got the chance to wear, I was pregnant with Minmin.haha

So I had to let go half of the bunch. Some I just gave it away, some I sold it to new owners. Anyhoo, since I couldnt fit into penny due to the belly aggressive growth (hahaha) I turned to Haley. I bought 2 but again my belly just wanted to grow bigger in short period. I managed to wear one once! I let go another one and still keep the one. eh paham tak bahasa aku ni?haha

So the other day I was looking for baju to be worn to school till i saw my pink haley. Wore it but.............. i got disturbing responses from colleagues. ALL, not most, not some ok comments were asking 'are you expecting another bundle of joy?'

aaaaaaaaaaaaa Because the cutting is similar to maternity blouse. I'm petite and i dont think any of poplook blouses will flatter my appearance. I gotta say good bye poplook. You were once my obsession.hehehe

This was the last time I wore penny, 16week of pregnancy

This one is Ophelia i think. I wore this as night gown during pregnancy haha now buruk already.

Haley, pregnant

Haley, 3 months after giving birth.

Apart from its big cutting, the price has gone up also. It's normal in this current economy situation but my wallet cant tolerate it.

So, gotta pass this obsession.hehe

Bye Poplook. Till my eyes catch another blouse that I will never be able to convince myself to buy it. See ya!


Ann said...

hi salam kenal..drop by blog awak jumpa entry psl Swan garden hotel melaka. Saya pun baru pergi last weekend.

Anyway, sy ade backlink entry awk dlm review sy:)

a t h i r a h said...

slm sis, ada nk letgo x baju poplook? how to contact you?

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