Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glad I could help

Whenever I received an email or PM on FB or Whatsapp asking about breastpump or how to breastpumping or anything related to baby, I got super excited and kinda....touched. I cant shed the thought of a being a handicapped mom due to inability to directly feed Muhaimin (I know I exaggerated, this is a mommy's guilt). So when people, strangers asking me for advice, it lifts up the spirit, and make me feel...less handicapped.hehe

So keep the emails and private messages coming because it made my day. Super glad that I could help. Better, when I could help mothers who experience the same thing like me - cannot direct feed our babies. I'm not alone. We are not alone.

Anyhoo, Min is back to breastmilk 100% now since he finished one whole packet of Friso less in 2 weeks. I hope this time Min can get the best as long as possible but again I've learnt my lesson, anything could happen that would affect the production but I have faith. Somehow I am glad that I'm tested several times in this journey because it helps to understand moms who have the same obstacles.

It's easy for people to judge moms who dont breastfeed. I'm referring to moms who tried but the result was disappointing..Not who choose not to. Go mommies go! Try harder and leave it to God =)

Min is looking more like his Ayah. Bila orang tau Ayah dia orang mana, mesti cakap 'ooo patutla takde muka melayu' haha Melanau blood wins!


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