Sunday, February 9, 2014

Latest Spectra M1 Review

So...uhmmmm I am sad to announce that my spectra M1 is on its death bed. It's dying people after 5 months serving and being my bestfriend day and night. huhu

Before, I could get 5oz in 40mins, single pumping, now it takes that long to get 1oz. I had to use it with manual breastpump.

I think the reason is due to fatigue.hahahah It's been overworked for the last 5 months.


I bought this pump 2 months before Min arrived. Of course back then I didnt know Min wouldnt latch.haha so I have to pump 8 times per day. M1 is made for moms who pump 4-5 times per day, 30mins per session. I used up to one hour.huhu

Sorry pump. I've tortured you.

So, after it showed a lil sign of dying I bought another set of pump, Medela Freestyle.

I just gotta say Medela Fs is overrated. Not a satisfied user since day 1.hahaha

So not even 3 weeks, I let it go to a new owner.

So, which pump I'm using now?

Since I believe I'm a Spectra mom, I bought Spectra S1. Got it yesterday after waiting for almost 2 weeks of waiting (hence the emo posts since few days ago, because for almost 2 weeks, I pumped using manual. 8times per day, 40mins cramp wehhhh tangannnnnn....haha). Tested it and wow, gotta say the best among the 3 breastpumps that I've used.

Will do a review about Spectra S1 after let's say...1 month? Just to be fair.hehe

Anyhoo, thank you M1, you served me well in my journey of giving the best for Muhaimin. I highly appreciate it so now it's time for you to rest in the box in the closet. Happy resting!

Thank you M1 for helping me to fatten Minmin.hehehe


zulaily mohamad said...

hello sis,
saya pun own M1 jugak .. oh ye eh M1 is recommended to be used 4-5 times per day only? oh patutlaaaa ... sekarang suction dia dh tak berapa nak best.
same goes with me, i used it 8 times per day. dulu time mula2x beli 20 minit dpt full bottle 5oz each kiri dan kanan. skrg ni bercinta nak tggu penuh .. dan satu lagi, dulu pakai level 3 je. skrg ni, level 5 pun tak terasa sakit. ingatkan sbb my breast dah lali dgn suction..
rasanya kena bertukar ke brand baru jugak ni.. btw ada baca ur review pasal lacte duet. so lacte duet is designed for heavy duty? utk ep mom mcm kite ni?

Amanda Lee said...

baru 5months, takde warranty ke?

i pon guna m1 i 7x sehari....dah 2 bulan ni...i takut skg.

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