Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hi yalll

Just a quick post since Min is sleeping.

I am in a panic mode.

I will have to go for a course in JB in 8 days time for 3 days.

I was given an early notice. I thought I have the time to stock up milk for Minmin.

The process went well till 2 days ago when I was down with minor food poisoning-  again.. perut why you have to be so sensitive..... T__T

I calculated the amount. Roughly I need about 120oz just to be on the safe side.

I had around 80oz before but since production is low due to food poisoning, I'm down to 60 oz now.

I'm panicking because I'm worried I wont able to stock to at least 110oz.


Min is 3 weeks to 6 month old. But now I feel that Milk alone cannot satisfy his hunger anymore.

Should I start feeding him?

His birth weight was 3.7kg. Now he's 8kg. can sit with proper support. Imitate chewing motion. Keen looking at food. Should I? Should I?

btw, Min feeds 9-10 times per day, around 40-45oz. Mano omak eh tak kurus ngepam joooo


Anything that comes contact with his mouth will go straight in. Cloths, toys, foot.....

Should I? Should I?


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