Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flashed before my eyes

Having a baby is tiring and when you are a working mom, it becomes exhausting.

I wake up at 4am to get ready to school. I leave house 6.10 am and stay in school till 2.40pm. From Monday to Thursday, usually I go back late because of school activities. So on these days I usually reach home about 5 pm.

Once at home, Mimin wants the attention. I dont mind this, hehe so I'll entertain him till his bed time around 7.45pm. Once he's asleep, I bath, pray and have dinner. Then I pump. Before going to bed, I wash the bottles, preparing another set of bottles for the night and tomorrow.

I go to bed usually around 10pm.

I wake up several times at night to feed Mimin and pump.

And before I realise it's already 4 am again.

I usually become so zombie like, especially while driving. I feel very tired and sleepy that to open my eyes while driving are super hard.And the trip to school takes 40-50 mins. But today, was scary.

I was driving home in the afternoon under the bright hot day. I was so sleepy and was fighting to make the eyes open widely. I even slapped my face so many times that my cheeks hurt.

Anyhoo, I was struggling to keep awake. Few seconds later I was driving in the middle of the road and there's a lorry coming the opposite way. Luckily I didnt panic and took control of the wheel. I was panting, and kept calling out Allah Allah Allah.

For a moment, Mimin came to my mind. This afternoon, something bad could have happened to me. Alhamdulillah, Allah still loves me. Love my family.

At home, I sent B messages describing the incident. He said 'Be careful, remember Mimin and I love you'


I should be more careful. Next time, I need to take a short nap before I go back. 


I love us, =)

Muka hubby takde =p


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