Saturday, September 22, 2012

Books for September

This months I think I bought too many books but have too little time to read. Hmm...

The cover is in 3D! Bought this at Popular, Bintulu.

I bought this book because I wanna learn about pharaoh history and because I'm a visual learner, I love books with pictures.haha

A salesman came to school to promote this book. I bought this mainly because the salesman subtly made me feel so ashamed of myself when he asked simple questions about our prophets and I couldnt/I forgot the answer. I need to recap back on these knowledge.

The picture is upside down. Sorryyyy

Anddddd the last one, a fiction by none other, Ms Ahern.

I think this is her most boring book from all the collection I have. Bought this the earliest but havent finished reading it till now. Usually for her books, I would take the most a day to finish. This has been 3 weeks. The story line is boring. I usually skipped few paragraphs/ pages.haha

Inilah program NILAM untuk bulan September yeeeee.

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