Monday, September 24, 2012


I was an MC for a long assembly today. Many last minute changes that in the end I decided to discard my script and went with the flow. I didnt know whether the MC was well conducted or badly conducted.haha

Then I went running to my class. After that I settled some paper work for school event. then entered 4 periods straight of MUET. then the last 2 periods of the day I spent assembling module set for tomorrow workshop. Then 3 hours after school period as I was on duty today.

I am extremely tired right now. Mentally and physically. Tomorrow my routine will repeat again. I hope the workshop tomorrow will run smoothly.

Mental note: Please head, remember to prepare the invitation letter for other schools. And MC script (again..) for next week Pelancaran Bulan Bahasa.

This week B will be around.hehe he's the highlight of my hectic but boring weekdays. I cant wait!

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